Défense et Sécurité

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Defense and security – At the service of the mission

In the vital sectors of defense and security, Accutronics excels in providing safe, light and robust solutions with high mass energy for portable communication systems, covered lighting of aerodromes and landing strips, sunglasses. night vision, off-road laptops and server backup systems, providing high performance and reliable power in the harshest environments.

Businesses, OEMs and Top Defense Designers Trust Accutronics for Its Ingenuity and Ability to Produce a User-Centered Solution with Features Like Lightweight Lithium-Ion Technology, Functionality intelligent battery, environmentally-friendly all-terrain design, integrated charge control and redundant multi-level protection.

We know that the qualification of military products is of vital importance, and we manage this process in a prompt and methodical way, so that the battery precisely meets all specifications.

Our in-house electronic and mechanical design team uses the latest design techniques to provide our customers with the most appropriate, cost-effective and timely power solution for their application.


If your project involves a battery, please complete our Questionnaire , send us a message at sales@accutronics.co.uk or contact us at +44 1782 566688.